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• 9/1/2015

Wikia Planning? What should we start working on first?

Wonderful new Wikia, I'd love to see develop and attract more Editors. 

To develop (Therefore attracting more people & who help develop more), We need content. So where should we start?

I'm thinking: 

Updated Getting Started page,

Cheat Sheet: Ores (which spoiler hidden Coordinates ( where did you find TIN??) ), Aswell as what levels & Biomes normally have those ores. Nodes Locations, village & Interesting points locations

Thaumcraft category with some explainations as we go. HOW TO DEAL WITH TAINT?

Machine page

Tips page (did you know the Crusher can split Ore into 2 dust that can make 2 ingots?) (have you used Bloodwood? It's amazing get a Sapling from Supllier Tree Bag !Warning they destroy everything below them when you plant them for oh say 20 blocks by 6 by 6. But then you can make Diamond level tools in the normal Tool forge.

Request page: What is the Silencing Block called?

Tinker Category: What is the best material for leveling tools, what are the other materials good for, how to make a smeltery, etc.

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• 11/28/2015

I think the important thing is to highlight the differences in Blightfall for the various mods.  Our pages should be more on "How it works in Blightfall" vs. trying to be as complete as the original wikis. (i.e. How to get started in Botania when flowers aren't in the normal spawn setup, some useful things to make early, where to get a Lexica Botania, etc.)

I like that "Cheat Sheet" idea - I'm considering scouring the game in Creative so I can locate the useful stuff without being killed by all those Custom NPCs :P

I think I reached your goal with the "Tinker Category" on the Metals page - though I do need to add info for the Smeltery on the TC page... the quests hint at it (44 seared brick), but you can make a 1x1 smeltery if you like now.

Forum should work for a "request page" as long as people actually monitor it and answer questions.

P.S. Bloodwood *is* amazing.  It's fast compared to most starting materials too.

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