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Moonlight Glimmer
• 3/5/2016

Default mobs (hostiles) such as creepers,skeletons,ect) spawned in.

Creepers at my farm2

One of a few screen shots I took

I loaded up blightfall off the Technic launcher and proceeded to go into one of my playthroughs.I used my transporter to Zap over to Delta swamp,my farm and main source of food to gather supplies for an expedition to another Dome.Although it was night,I had a bed there,and it was taint-free so I didn't think twice about it.However,as soon as I got there,I found myself under attack from creepers,skeletons,and zombies.Once I repelled them and regained my bearings,I took several screenshots.

Do you know about this glitch/bug?Any response or additional info would be appreciated.

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Moonlight Glimmer
• 3/9/2016

Since my last post, I have not yet figured out what happened.The default mobs are no longer spawning.My best guess is that turning Blightfall off and on again stopped them from further spawning.This did not make them de-spawn,but once all dead,I was not bothered by this again.

I hope that my Blightfall mis-hap was educational,and If you have the misfourtune to experince this you know what to do.Good luck in all your Blightful endeavors! :)

• 6/2/2016

To my understanding, that's supposed to happen. Once you purify a large enough area, natural spawning rules take effect. Just like being a certain distance away allows for passive mobs to spawn, hostile mobs are also able to spawn. It's just a part of restoring the land...I think.

It's happened everytime I play a Blightfall map, and I've never had it just stop.

• 10/19/2016

Same and it is true. If you de-taint a large area, the mobs start to spawn in if there isn't enough lighting and you are far away.

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