Ms. Poultney, also known as the Colonist, is the scientist responsible for the wellbeing of future colonists. Ms. Poultney handles the Pam's HarvestCraft and Biome Scanner portions of the modpack, her main questline involving the purification of several unlocked areas.

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Paranormalist Questline

Dr. Sprouse's Quest Page

Purification Quests Edit

Ms. Poultney's main quests begin when you first obtain an Ethereal Bloom, and from there branches to purification quests as follows. Winning the Game can be considered the final quest in the modpack as it enables the colony to be dropped onto the planet and marks the purification of the planet.

Name Type Rewards Description
The Cure Detection Task +9 MO* Obtain an Ethereal Bloom
Restoring the World Teleport, Location, Detection Task +3 MO Teleport Aboard the Jaded

Visit Captain Shiitake

Obtain the Scanner Merit Badge

Detection Task
Detection Task
Detection Task
Detection Task
Detection Task
Detection Task
Detection Task
Detection Task
Detection Task
Winning the Game Detection Task +1000 MO Obtain the Colony Purification Badge

*MO = Mission outlook

Food Quests Edit

Several tasks are available which improve mission outlook. These are quite expensive, but give mission outlook boosts of up to +15, and some can be repeated.

Quest Type Rewards Description
The Best Defense* Killing Task +7 MO Kill 5 Taintacles.

Kill 3 Taint Spore Swarmers.

Fresh Bread* Delivery Task +9 MO Deliver 256 bread (not primitive).
Luxury Foods Delivery Task +15 MO Deliver 128 cookies.
Ranching and Herding Delivery Task +7 MO Deliver one Milk Bucket.


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