Dr. Fairchild, also known as "The Instructor", will run you through the basics of the game mechanics. He is a reliable source of Bone Meal as you work to figure out how to push back the blight (which will eventually allow spawning of traditional enemies). He also helps point out some of the features that can make life on Blightfall easier.

Starting QuestsEdit

Unlocked from the very beginning, you will need to complete these quests before you can access some of the other questlines.

Name Mission
What is this thing? +1 Earns your first point of reputation in exchange for a block of dirt.
Requisitioning Items +10 Detects presence of an Oak Sapling (likely from accepting reward from "Request Starting Sapling" on Supplier Tab.
Reward: 128 Bone Meal
Getting Wood +1 Detects presence of a Crafting Table
A Little Help Here? 0 Repeatable quest for bone meal.  Seems to have multiple triggers, as sleeping and even pausing your game and returning a few minutes later can reset this quest.
Reward:  7 Bone Meal
I Need No Tutorials! +18 Mutually exclusive to "Tutorials, please!" - it is faster, but you actually earn a little less Mission Outlook and the wrong book.
Reward: "IV: Materials - Classic Tools & Weapons" book
Tutorials, please! +1 Mutually exclusive to "I Need No Tutorials!" but runs you through the basics of Tinker's Construct with Iguana Tinker Tweaks.  For those who haven't used TC w/Iguana, I recommend the tutorial.  See "Optional Tutorial" below for details.

Optional TutorialEdit

These quests are unlocked by completing "Tutorials, please!"

Name Mission
Dr. Diyo's Modular Tools +1 Create 4 blank patterns (all you will need until you get a Tool Forge).
Tools to Build the Parts +1 Create Part Builder (pattern + log) and Pattern Chest (pattern + chest).  Note:  Pattern Chest comes pre-equipped with all the basic patterns and doesn't spew it'a contents when broken.
Parts to Build the Tools +1 Use patterns & part builder to make wooden Pickaxe Head, Axe Head, Shovel Head, and Tool Binding.  Learned:  You can use sticks directly instead of making rods in the next step.
Tools to Build the Tools +1 Create a Tool Station (pattern + crafting table).
Actually Building the Tools +3 Combine the parts for a Wooden Mattock and Wooden Pickaxe (same as "I Need No Tutorials!"). Reward: "T: Tools and Modifiers" book

The following quests are unlocked by ??? (Smeltery Questline)

Name Mission
More for your Metal +1 Create 44 Grout using sand, gravel, and clay.
Smeltery Bricks +1 Smelt the Grout to make 44 Seared Bricks.
Building Smeltery Parts +5 Make a Smeltery Controller, Smeltery Drain, Seared Tank,

Seared Faucet, Casting Basin, and 2 Seared Bricks.

Metal from the Smeltery +3 Use a Smeltery to make a Block of Iron.
Metal Tool Parts +2 Make a Castng Table, a Stone Pickaxe Head, Stone Tool Rod,

Stone Binding, and Stone Shovel Head, and use them to make

gold casts.

Making Metal Tools +2 Use the casts to make an Iron Binding, Iron Pickaxe Head,

Iron Tool Rod, and Iron Shovel Head.

Teching Up QuestsEdit

This quest can be completed a couple of ways, but it's basic goal is to help you tech up to Diamond-level mining (necessary for Enchanting, Botania, Applied Energistics, and eventually Thaumcraft.

Name Mission
Teching Up 1+ Make a Flint Pickaxe Head
Getting Past Mandate 2625b 3+ Make a copper Pickaxe the "Old Way"
Alien Metal Tech 3+ Make a Prometheum Pickaxe the "Old Way"
Harvesting Gold 3+ Make a Bronze Pickaxe with Smelting

Misc. QuestsEdit

This includes both the food-related quests which guide you through making a Cooking Table, as well as a small quest meant to point out the presence of Bibliocraft.

Name Mission
Putting Down Roots +5 Bake a Fresh Loaf of Bread (Not Primitive Bread)
Cooking for Blockheads +3 Make a Cooking Table
Dietary Variety +6 Make: Toast, A Breaded Pork Chop, Fish Sticks, and an Apple Pie
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