Dr. Sprouse, also known as the Paranormalist, is one of the scientists awoken from cryosleep to aide the player in Blightfall. Dr. Sprouse handles the thaumcraft and botania portions of the modpack, and his two main questlines involve setting thaumcraft and botania.


Paranormalist Questline

Dr. Sprouse's Quest Page

Thaumcraft Quests Edit

Dr. Sprouse begins his thaumcraft questline when you gain access to an iron ingot (whether from looting or smelting iron) and moves on to setting up and using a thaumcraft system, the quests are as follows:

Name Type Rewards Description
Prerequisite Techs Detection Task +1 MO* Get an iron ingot
Channeling Device Detection Task +2 MO Get an iron capped wand
Recording Knowledge Detection Task +2 MO Get a Thaumonomicon
Sharing Knowledge Delivery Task +4 MO Give a Thaumonomicon to Dr. Sprouse

(This unlocks 4 additional quests to get access to the Mystical Flower quests)

The Start of a Thaumaturge Detection Task +2 MO Get a Thaumometer
Sharing Tools Delivery Task +4 MO Give a Thaumometer to Dr. Sprouse
Sharing More Tools Delivery Task +4 MO Give a crucible to Dr. Sprouse
Splinters of Magic Delivery Task +5 MO Deliver one of each type of primal shard to Dr. Sprouse
Node Tracking N/A N/A Not a quest, reminds the player they can access a node tracking module by pressing '0'
"Around the Ship" Delivery Task +5 MO Deliver an alchemical furnace and an arcane alembic to Dr. Sprouse.
Better Goo Disposal Delivery Task 3 Vitium Vials Deliver 8 Tainted Goo to Dr. Sprouse
Better Tendril Disposal Delivery Task 2 Vitium vials Deliver 8 Taint Tendrils to Dr. Sprouse
Automation is What we Do Detection Task +3 MO Get 2 Alchemical Constructs and 6 Essentia Tubes
Together, the Cure Delivery Task 20 Ethereal Blooms Deliver 10 Ethereal Blooms to Dr. Sprouse (They do NOT have to be made through thaumcraft, scavenged blooms work fine).
Better Cleaning Detection Task +14 MO Get a totem of dawn (does not have to be made through thaumcraft)
Alchemical Assistance Reputation Task 1 Sano vial Lose 2 MO for a vial of sano

*MO = Mission outlook

Botania Quests Edit

After a mystical flower is discovered, a quest can trigger with the xenobiologist, and then another quest activates in the Paranormalist's questbook: "Those flowers are useful!" this quest immediately opens up into 5 infiltration quests, and 4 more can be unlocked after giving him a thaumonomicon.

3 of these quests must be completed in order to unlock 'Scans complete!' and gain access to the Botania Mystical Flower quests. You can unlock more for Mission Outlook.

Quest Type Items Needed Tips
Life is Distracting Consume Task 3 Tiny Potato

1 Straw Golem

1 French Horn

The tiny potatoes are made by throwing a potato into a mana pool, the straw golem is made through Thaumcraft golemancy, and the french horn is made from brass bars.
Who needs doors? Delivery Task 1 Portable Hole Portable holes can be made through Thaumcraft
Invisibility* Delivery Task 4 Potions of

Invisibility (Extended)

Floating City has 3 minute potions that can be extended by brewing in redstone (vanilla potions)
Hacking's just typing fast Delivery Task 1 PRC LX-100 LEC

1 Basic Card

1 Wireless Booster

1 Portable Scanner

Sleeping venom Delivery Task 1 Fermented Spider eye, 1 Poison Potato, 1 Rose Red, 1 Brown Mushroom, 1 Spice Leaf, and 1 Accessory: Dart Launcher A poison potato can be found in the crate pile at the dock of the floating city. A Spice garden can be found in the northeast-most village, and the dart launcher can be made through Thaumcraft
Supreme Infiltration Delivery Task 1 Traveling Trunk Can be made through Thaumcraft
Distraction* Delivery Task 6 Slime in a bucket (you get the buckets back) Vis slimes are plentiful and are usable in this quest. Can also be obtained by using a bucket on a slime of its smallest form. Any color will do.
Breaking and Entering* Delivery Task 1 Diamond Saw

1 Crowbar

1 Screw Gun

Crowbar needs steel.
Earning Respect Delivery Task Shiitake's Head Look into Botania for head creation. Need Alfheim knowledge unlocked.

*Easiest to complete due to not needing to use Thaumcraft

With the mystical flower quests, the quest for a Lexica Botania is also unlocked (it's a detection quest). To get a Lexica Botania, find a yellow-green Alien Grimoire (it has the same texture as the Lexica Botania) and craft that with a translation device.

After this quest is completed, a quest appears that requires a Botanist Ethereal Bloom to detect.

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